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Connectivity for Good: Why is connectivity so important for improving fish welfare? 

Poor connectivity affects much of the planet, especially the aquaculture industry which often operates in remote and harsh environments. Download our whitepaper and gain insight on how important connectivity is for improving fish welfare.

With input from Dr Lynne Falconer – Research Fellow at the University of Stirling: “Efforts to improve connectivity [for fish farms] must be prioritised as even short delays in transferring data can have major implications for fish welfare.”


Key themes include:
  • How digitisation of operations across fish farms can result in near real-time access to data at scale
  • Why early detection of change in environmental parameters can allow for quicker action to be taken when conditions become potentially dangerous for fish
  • Gaining insight on continuous remote monitoring of each pen, new site environmental monitoring and improving performance and survivability of fish
  • Solutions of the future: live video monitoring in near real-time

Download the whitepaper